1. Make sure you have thoroughly reviewed the job description and qualifications of the position you are applying for. Likewise, having a brief knowledge about the company will also have a positive impression from the interviewers. 

2. Applying for multiple positions is not prohibited but only aim for the positions wherein you believe you personally meet its qualifications. Knowing the responsibilities of the position is an advantage but having the knowledge and skills to implement such tasks will make you the right candidate for the position.  

3. When providing your resume to the representative of the company, make sure that all details are correct most importantly your name, contact number and email address. 

4. Remember that a phone call or a text message from the company representative is also considered as an initial assessment of how qualified you are for the position.  

5. Make sure that you are prepared for your scheduled interview. Bring all requested documents including your resume and copy of grades. A valid ID and black pen will also help you survive the day of your interview. Be in corporate attire and make yourself presentable to your possible interviewers. 

6. Be on time. Know the means on how to go to the office of the company and be at least 15 minutes early. 

7. It may take time for interviewers to fully assess if you are qualified for the position. Give them at least one week to evaluate the result of the interview and the exams. If no feedback is relayed, you may ask properly through email or text message.  



1. How to apply for a job at Motolite?  

Interested applicants may send their resumes online. Walk-in applicants may provide the lobby representative the hard copy of their resumes, but we strictly implement scheduled interviews to make sure that they will be properly accommodated. 

2. If considered, where will I be based as an employee of Motolite? 

Applicants may be assigned either at the Head Office in Roces Avenue, Quezon City or at the manufacturing plant located in Santa Maria, Bulacan. For more information about the current vacancies, you may visit the Job Vacancies section.  

3. How to wait for a possible schedule of interview? 

Applicants need not contact the Talent Management Department if they received their resumes. Rest assured that all documents received by the company will be thoroughly reviewed in order to assess if qualifications are met. Interviews may be scheduled through email, phone call, or text message.  

4. What to do on the scheduled day of the interview?  

Make sure you already have an idea on how to go to the location of the interview. Allot at least 15 minutes in advance or be on time for your interview. Be in corporate attire (wearing of sleeveless top, sandals, miniskirts, etc. is NOT allowed). Bring a valid ID and black pen.  

5. How long will the interview last?  

Interview and test administration usually lasts for at least 6 hours. As much as possible, we follow one-day process for all applicants.