"People in Motolite show that they appreciate the things you do. You enjoy working with them as well as doing the tasks that they give you. My experience in working at Motolite gave me the opportunity to improve my skills which are related to my course. I was also exposed in various activities and processes which are deemed helpful to start my career. I am very thankful that I was able to learn and at the same time enjoy from my internship experience.”

- Lobelle, Recruitment Intern

“Gathering and discussing new information with the clients and employees of the company is only one of the few things that I love here in Motolite. People here in Motolite are approachable even to their trainees and with that it felt like I am just one of the employees of the company.”

- Jovelyn, Information Technology Intern

“Working with Motolite for five years has been a great experience to me. I am given the chance to explore and grow as a person in line with my professional status. Because of this, I will continue to strive harder to contribute to the growth of our company.”

- Myla, Service Delivery Specialist

“I began working at Motolite last July of 2012 and it has been 2 years and 6 months now that I have been working for the Legal Department. Each day, I look forward to the camaraderie and friendly competition. Motolite provides a strong and stable opportunity for me. They provided the right platform and environment for work-life balance career growth, recognition and job satisfaction. I am looking forward to continuing to reach a new heights and I wish more success to all.”

- Angel, Legal Liaison Officer

“I have been working here since 1995. Working for the past 19 years has been a very satisfying journey. I have been in my present position as Supervisor in Original Equipment Sales since October of 2006. Before that I have been a Sales Engineer for the Industrial Battery Department. More than the monetary returns, it has given me an opportunity to work in the automotive industry since my primary passion is cars. It has so many ups and downs and blind corners but nothing can be more satisfying than doing the job you like in the industry that you love. Aside from that, I get to move around the city to meet people and share with them my passion. It also gave me a chance to grow and be mature to tackle various trials. The last 19 years were the best years of my life.”

- Joule, Sales Engineer

“It's been two and a half years since I started working with Motolite and it has been a very enriching experience. I was able to grow both personally and professionally. Here, my opinions are valued and my achievements are rewarded. It is inspiring to work for a growing Filipino company that encourages growth and advancement for its employees. My decision to work with Motolite was a very good one; my only regret is not joining the company earlier.”

- Prince Elmer, Research and Development Manager

“I really love working in Motolite. My time spent in this company has been fruitful and fulfilling. I had joined the company as a Supervisor and was assigned to work in product development, quality and in battery laboratory; then later in process engineering. This company has been able to develop my leadership, experience, and honed my technical skills which made me capable and competent to face new opportunities for advancement. I am now in Managerial position working with Plates Production, and that is… thanks to Motolite and my seniors for all the various training provided. From all the work excitement and accomplishments, my 18 years stay is just like yesterday. I am still enjoying the technology and the battery business new challenges.”

- Hilario, Charging Manager

“The recognition that they (top management and middle maganagement) give to what I do is the main reason why I stay here. You’ll really learn a lot on the job. Don’t be intimidated that you still don’t know a lot of things. You’ll make a lot of mistakes along the way and it is okay because if you are guided by people who are knowledgeable and who will mentor you throughout, you will learn a lot of things and you’ll survive. You don’t have to enter this company feeling that you know everything or that the expectation is you know everything, or you’re perfect already, and you’re an expert already in the field because you’re not. That’s the challenge here: You adapt to the projects given to you and learn along the way. And if you get to prove it that you can do it, then you will be rewarded accordingly.”

- Timothy Jason, Sales Planning Manager